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A recent discovery has revealed that while credibility interviewers are being very strict this year, the UKVI are also turning away students at the visa interview stage and even at the UK border more than ever. What could be the reason(s)? How do you pass this stage with your shoulders raised high? The answer lies in diligently succeeding at the credibility interview stage as well as responding diligently and accurately to questions asked at the UK border. Now, you will agree with me that it has become expedient to prepare ahead and the onus to succeed at the interview has been placed on students. Thus, the importance of this Credibility Interview Preparation Guide can not be overemphasized.

Do you want to ace your credibility interview with ease? Would you like to realize your dream of studying and working in the UK? If yes, read up, do due diligence on this preparation guide and let’s make a great history together.

What is a Credibility Interview?

As you may already know, there are many countries where there need to be additional checks in place due to various reasons. Many students who are deemed to be living in high-risk countries will have to take a credibility interview with the University to further establish that they are genuine students who want to go to the UK to study. The process is held by the University and can also be conducted by the UK Government, UKVI.

The Credibility Interview is a one-to-one interview with the University Admissions team and the student to establish the genuinity of such student and the likelihood of completing the course. This could be face-to-face, over the phone, or video call.

The reason Universities have to conduct this is that unfortunately, in the past Universities have seen people posing as students come to the UK and either do not even register or register at the University then never show up to classes as some just want to get to the UK and work.

To boost your success rate at the interview, you must prepare diligently. When PREPARATION meets OPPORTUNITY the result is SUCCESS. Therefore, failure to prepare diligently might jeopardize your success and can lead to the abrupt end of your journey with that University.

This credibility interview preparation guide will help to ace your credibility interview, UKVI visa interviews, and help at the UK border as person(s) can be turned away when landed if such person(s) cannot respond to some sorts of questions.

Note that, UK Universities must maintain less than 10% visa refusal rate of their applicants, otherwise they risk losing their sponsorship status to recruit international students. So, they take this very seriously.

  1. The University may contact the student directly.
  2. The Universities Admissions team can only conduct the interview if the student has met all the conditions mentioned in the conditional offer letter. Depending on the University, they will either require you to pay your deposit before the interview or suggest that this is paid after. This will be on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Interviews will happen prior to the course start date and if a student fails the CAS will not be released and such student will be rejected from the University.
  1. The immigration history of the applicant, in the UK and other countries.
  2. The applicant’s education history, study, and post-study plans.
  3. The personal and financial circumstances of the applicant.
  4. The qualification, course provider, and agents.
  5. English language ability.
  6. Pull factors – what has influenced the applicant to the UK in particular.


  1. Even if a student does not need a Credibility Interview, preparing for this could also help a student in preparation for a visa interview.
  2. The interview is booked well in advance and normally lasts between 20-30 mins.
  1. Prepare yourself mentally for a 20 to 30-minute interview, if you practice this, you will be less nervous.
  2. There should be no generic answers, so you need to talk about yourself and be specific.
  3. Show that you have some knowledge of the University and broader awareness of the city you have applied to live in and also life in the UK.
  4. Prepare answers for why you want to study in the UK versus any destination, do not talk about possible immigration (that is not that common in the UK anyway). Also why the UK versus your home country.
  5. Your responses should include course/University/country-specific information (i.e. rankings and University information) that shows that you have done your research. Also, make sure you are talking about the correct campus. Students have failed due to talking about the wrong campus.
  6. Communicate that you have some knowledge of the program’s content (including the names of modules).
  7. Show that you have thought about the course you have chosen & how it links to your previous studies or work experience. Also, explain why the program in the UK will advance your skills and any future career ambition.
  8. Universities will want to see your motivation for that career and interest in the course.
  9. You should have a career plan and be able to explain this in detail. A good idea is to prepare to answer, “What is your “5 year Plan” which should include working back in your home country. This is really important as many students fail their interviews due to being rather generic about their career plans.
  10. You should understand your family’s financial situation and where the money came from to support your studies in the UK.
  11. You should not have dual intentions or mention this in the interview, so do not talk about working and living in the UK after graduation.



  • Put the interview on hold to speak to someone or call someone else, it will seem like you are getting extra help hence, fail.
  • Treat the interview like a chat with a friend. Make sure to sit at a table, be well presented, make sure people in your house know this is an interview, and are quiet and respectful. If you put the interview on hold or mute to tell the family to quieten down, again, this could be seen as asking for help and the student will fail!

I am optimistic that with strict compliance and adherence to the above guidelines, your Credibility Interview will be aced with ease.


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